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Youth Group Lock Down Diary

by Jess Whittaker

As the Youth Worker at St. Augustine's, this is a diary I have been keeping about the lock down activities we have been engaging in whilst the Church is closed. As a youth group, we are all very much enjoying virtually spending time together, and it's plain to see that the young people are enjoying connecting with each other every week. 

Please pray for us as we continue to meet virtually throughout the lock down period, both for our young people and for young people in Luton and across the UK who don't have the support of a youth group or wider church community:

  • Pray for the young people who are unsettled by these extraordinary circumstances and that we can still find ways to inspire hope in young people
  • Pray for those young people who are confined to places that for whatever reason are not safe to be (places of violence, neglect and poverty)
  • Pray for wisdom in how to effectively disciple our young people under these exceptional circumstances. Pray as we continue to explore online and other methods of doing so safely
  • Pray for young people across the world as schools continued to be closed
  • Pray for youth leaders as they take steps to continue the discipleship journey digitally, and for young people as everything changes for them

Youth Lock down 1

Sunday 12th &19th April 2020

On Easter Sunday, the young people of St. Augustine's, myself and Harry Whittaker played a game of virtual bingo via an online platform called Zoom. It was the first time we had all connected as a youth group since the lock down started, and the young people enjoyed the game immensely! Since then, we have been virtually connecting at 11am every Sunday to play games and catch-up. Last week, we did a virtual scavenger hunt which required the young people to figure out the answers to riddles and collect common household items as fast as they could! 

Sunday 26th April 2020

Today, the young people of St. Augustine's took part in a virtual quiz via Zoom. With rounds from TV and movies to guess the emoji phrases, we all had great fun racking our brains and guessing answers. The most popular round by far was the 'Hotdogs or legs' round, where the young people were shown photos of two hotdogs or a pair of legs, and were asked to guess which was which. Who knows what we'll get up to next week, but one thing's for sure, this week will be hard to beat!!

Youth Lock down 2

Sunday 3rd May 2020

On Sunday 3rd May, the young people of St. Augustine's all played a game of virtual Pictionary. This involved everyone taking turns coming up with something to draw, drawing it and showing the rest of the group via their camera in order for us to guess. As it turns out, many of our young people are really great at drawing! As a result, next week, we've decided to do something creative (like drawing, colouring and collaging) together via Zoom. Maybe we'll have some awesome art to show you all!

Later that day, some of us also watched some live worship performed by a group of Catholics called One Hope Project. Some members of the group also took part in the UK Blessing video. The young people that watched this live worship event really enjoyed the experience. You can watch both of these videos here:

Sunday 10th May 2020

This week, the young people were asked to gather their art materials in order to get creative during our Zoom session on Sunday 10th May. They were tasked with designing some very special postcards for some very special people - and using pens, pencils, paint and coloured card; we had lots of fun colouring, painting, cutting, gluing and chatting the time away! Check out what we made in the photo below, and we'll update you all next week as to where these postcards found there way to...

Youth Lock down 3

Sunday 17th May 2020

Today was the first ever St. Augutsine's Youth Group's Got Talent show! Once again, at 11am, we all met on Zoom and this time performed our talents. Our host, Harry Whittaker, introduced us one by one and even passed on pretend comments from special judges such as Simon Cowell, Captain Tom and Vincent Van Gogh !? From singing to playing musical instruments, and from dancing and gymnastics, to impressions and drawing - everybody had something amazing to share! In the end, there could be no winner as we were all to good to choose from. PS. Check out the postcard below with all our lovely drawings on from last week - we'll be posting them out to some members of the congregation shortly and we hope you all like them!


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