St. Augustine's Church Limbury, Luton

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About Us

St Augustine's is a community of Christians who seek to follow Jesus by worshipping God and seeking to share His love.

At the heart of the Church's life is our worship. We do this particularly on Sundays, but also at other times through weekday and special services. We encourage all our members to pray regularly, whether on their own or with other Christians.


Learning about our faith is important for us all. Bible study courses are run during Lent and Advent and at some other times in the year. We support the education of children through the provision of activity packs for services and by our 
Messy Church for families which meets once a month. We also have links with The Meads Primary School and Icknield Primary School.

Christians believe and trust in God. We are here because he created us, and he made us to enjoy a relationship with him. We can enter that relationship by believing and trusting in Jesus, who died on the cross to overcome the power of sin, and who rose from death to set us free.

Our Christian life and faith is sustained by God's gift of the Holy Spirit, which fills believers with love, joy and hope, and gives us gifts to serve God in the Church and in the world.
Christians believe in a God who is a Trinity: of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

We share much in common with other people of faith, but believe that God has uniquely revealed himself in Jesus Christ, and that he calls us to live as Jesus' disciples in the world.

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St Augustine's is a place to meet and support each other and there is the opportunity to chat over tea, coffee and squash at the Parish Breakfast after our Sunday morning services. We also seek to serve others through bereavement care and pastoral visits in time of need.

And of course, St Augustine's isn't a Church on its own. We are part of God's people throughout the world, along with Christians everywhere. We belong to the 
Church of England and are within the St Albans Diocese. More locally we are a member of the North Luton Partnership of Anglican Churches and a member of Churches Together in Limbury - the umbrella group for the local Christian community in this area.


We are also privileged at St Augustine's to have a particularly fine organ, built in 1906 and originally situated in the chapel at Luton Hoo. The organ accompanies our worship every Sunday morning as well as being played at occasional recitals and other events. 

For more information about us, read our Mission Action Plan.

You can also check out the 'This is Church' video below.

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